5 Tips for a Healthy New Year

1. Prevention Saves Money

A 65-year old couple retiring in 2019 can expect to spend $385,000 in health care and medical expenses throughout retirement. A healthy person will spend less out of pocket annually.

So staying healthy while aging is key. Eat plenty of grains, fruits and veggies, exercise at least 30 minutes a day and visit your doctor for annual check ups!

2. Local Produce

Local food can be better for your health for a few reasons: Local produce is fresher. Fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients as soon as they are picked. Buying local produce cuts down the travel time from farm to table. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, while food that travels long distances is often picked before being ripe. Choosing fruits and vegetables grown in season may also be healthier. When researchers studied broccoli grown in season with broccoli imported out of season, they found the latter had only half the vitamin C.

3. Strong Bones

Again, prevention is key: An average of 24% of hip fracture patients aged 50 and over die in the year following their fracture while 75% of the remaining patients never fully regain their previous function. Therefore, It is essential to build and keep strong bone. Exercise regularly, eat bone healthy foods (Dairy, greens …) and get enough Vitamin D and Calcium. AdvaCAL™ is the perfect supplement to keep your bones healthy and strong.*

4. Healthy Colon

Constipation can leave you feeling sluggish and even has been associated with anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Reduce process foods, red meat, sugar and alcohol. Eat plenty of fiber rich foods (grains, fresh fruits and vegetables). For occasional constipation or to help prevent it, use H2Go™ for a clean and healthy colon.*

5. Strong Immunity

Studies show that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables get sick less often. The nutrients in produce (vitamin C, B …) can help your immune system fight foreign invaders. There’s also a strong link between sleep and a healthy immune system. But not just any sleep will do. Restorative sleep, which means enough sleep to get the body back into fighting shape, is key. Sleep needs vary by person, but most adults need 7-8 hours a night. If you need an immune boost, check out Noxylane4™.*