The best colon cleansers are colon cleansers that work without causing harm to the body. The best colon cleansers among complementary and alternative options tend to be gentler. When selecting among traditional colon cleansers, look at comparison reports of the best colon cleansers. Read below about different colon cleansers and decide for yourself which is best for your needs.

Complementary or Natural Colon Cleansers

Colonic hydrotherapy is the most aggressive colon cleansing method. At a colonic hydrotherapist office, the practitioner will insert a hose into the patient’s rectum. She then sends fluid through the hose into the colon. This fluid could be plain water, or it could be a solution. Next, the fluid is removed from the colon along with some waste. The colonic hydrotherapist may repeat these steps many times during the appointment. She can use up to 60 liters of liquid on the average patient. Colonic hydrotherapy may have associated risks. A bulletin by the National Cancer Institute cautions against undergoing colonic hydrotherapy, because it may possibly lead to bacterial infections, electrolyte imbalance, tears in the bowels, and fluid overload.
Colon cleansing enemas are gentler than colonic hydrotherapy. An enema uses the force of gravity to bring fluid through a tube and into the colon. The individual holds the fluid in his colon for several minutes before evacuating into a toilet. He/she repeats this process until the evacuated fluid is clear with no evidence of any stool. Many herbal laxatives will also work as colon cleansing enemas.  Each herb works in a slightly different way. It may have specific risks and benefits.  Be sure to seek expert advice about a specific herb before trying it as an herbal colon cleansing enema.
Taking an oral colon cleansing supplement is easier than undergoing colonic hydrotherapy or a colon cleansing enema. The effects of any substance on the body depend heavily on the intake amount.  Many supplements are laxatives at a lower intakes and colon cleansers at a higher levels. As with enemas, the risks and benefits of an oral colon cleansing supplement will vary with the specific ingredients. Consult your healthcare provider for more information about a given supplement. Oral colon cleansing supplements can possibly lead to  dehydration and electrolyte imbalance among other problems. Because of their gentler action, oral supplements are considered by many people to be the best colon cleansers.
Conventional Colon Cleansers
Conventional colon cleansers are solutions of water and synthetic chemicals. They can be taken orally or as an enema, depending on the solution. Medical researchers have studied them extensively. Some conventional colon cleansers with phosphate, have been taken off the market because of safely concerns. Other conventional colon cleansers have a better track record. For more details about a conventional colon cleanser, speak to your healthcare provider.
Colon Cleansing Options
•    Colonic Hydrotherapy
•    Herbal Colon Cleansing Enema
•    Oral Colon Cleansing Supplement
•    Conventional Oral Colon Cleanser
•    Conventional Colon Cleansing Enema
With so many options available, it can be difficult to identify the best colon cleansers. Consumers can select from colonic hydrotherapy, an herbal colon cleansing enema, an oral colon cleansing supplement, and conventional colon cleansers. The risks and benefits of a colon cleanser vary greatly. Discuss the choices with your healthcare provider to determine the best colon cleansers.
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