Colon cleanser reviews generally can be top-lined into three categories.  The colon cleansers in the reviews range from the very complex to the simple. The first colon cleanser review discusses CleanseSMART™ and Whole Body Cleanse™. The second colon cleanser review is about Super Colon Cleanse™ and Colon Clenz™. The last colon cleanser review has information about Miralax® and H2Go®.

Multipart Colon Cleanser Reviews
CleanseSMART and Whole Body Cleanse both contain multiple parts. The CleaneSMART system has a morning pill and an evening pill. The Whole Body Cleanse system has a Whole Body Laxative Formula™, a Fiber Fusion Daily Cleansing Fiber Lemon-Flavored Drink Mix™, and a Super Milk Thistle Liver Cleansing Formula™. Each colon cleanser system contains about 20 herbal ingredients. This may make it difficult to predict how a given product will work, because ingredients may possibly interact in surprising ways for some people.

Single Part Colon Cleanser Reviews

Super Colon Cleanse and Colon Clenz have only one part each. Super Colon Cleanse has celery, rose hips, and psyllium husks for fiber. It also contains peppermint, senna, and fennel seeds. The papaya leaves in Super Colon Cleanse are believed to aid digestion, but that is not necessarily related to the colon, because digestion finishes before waste product reaches the colon. The acidophilus in Super Colon Cleanse is advertised as a probiotic.

Colon Clenz contains rhubarb, senna, cascara sagrada, and aloe vera, thought to help inhibit the absorption of water in the colon. Valerian in Colon Clenz can serve as a muscle relaxant. Yellow dock, Oregon grape, black walnut, and slippery elm are believed to soothe the digestive tract.

Single Ingredient Colon Cleanser Reviews
Miralax and H2Go have only one active ingredient each. The active ingredient in Miralax is a long molecule called polyethylene glycol 3350. The active ingredient in H2Go is a hyperosmotic that contains a unqiue form of magnesium. Both of these molecules bring water from the surrounding tissue into the stool to make it softer and easier to pass. Lane Labs designed the special magnesium in H2GO to bind to sufficient levels of water at a much lower intake compared to other magnesium based products.

Type of Colon Cleanser Colon Cleansers
Multipart Colon Cleanser Systems CleanseSMART™, Whole Body Cleanse™
Single Part Colon Cleanser Systems Super Colon Cleanse™, Colon Clenz™
Single Ingredient Colon Cleansers Miralax, H2Go

Some colon cleansers contain multiple parts. Other colon cleansers combine all their ingredients into a single part. Certain colon cleansers contain a single key ingredient. The more complex a colon cleanser is, the more difficult it is to predict how all those ingredients will interact with some people. As such, some experts suggest looking for single key ingredient products first when conducting colon cleanser reviews.


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