Which colon cleanser is right for you?   As a general rule, you should look for a colon cleanser that is safe with predictable results. Some experts favor a single key ingredient colon cleanser because of its simplicity. H2Go from Lane Labs contains a single key ingredient— a unique magnesium — to soften stools at low intake. Because of this simplicity and low intake, H2Go may have less side effect risks compared to a colon cleanser containing multiple ingredients or steps.

Scientific Benefits of a Simply Designed Product

When researchers study a substance they divide the test subjects into two groups called the experimental group and the control group. The researchers give the substance to the experimental group but not to the control group. Everything thing else is exactly the same between these two groups. Then the researchers record the results for the groups. They compare the results from the experimental group with the results from the control group. Any difference between the results from these two groups is attributed to the studied substance, because the groups experience the same exact conditions except for the presence or absence of the studied substance.
When researchers study two substances, the experimental design is more complicated. The researchers will need to know if the differences in the results are due to the first substance, the second substance, or a combination of the two substances. To discover the answer, the researchers need four groups. The first group receives the first substance. The second group receives the second substance. The third group receives both substances. The fourth group is the control group and does not receive either substance.
When researchers want to investigate more than two substances, the experimental design quickly becomes much more complex. If x is the number of studied substances, then 2x is the number of groups that the researchers need. For example, a study of three substances requires 23 = 8 groups, and a study of four substances requires 24 = 16 groups. Fully understanding a supplement with 20 active ingredients would require an experiment with over a million groups.  More ingredients and their potential interactions may increase the risk of side effects in some individuals.
A Multiple Ingredient Colon Cleanser Compared to H2Go
Some colon cleansers are simpler than others. Both CleanseSMART™ and Whole Body Cleanse™ are a bit more complex. The CleanseSMART™ system has a morning pill and an evening pill. The morning pill has 15 herbal ingredients, and the evening pill has nine herbal ingredients for a total of 24 herbal ingredients. The Whole Body Cleanse system™ has a Whole Body Laxative Formula™ with nine herbal ingredients, a Fiber Fusion Daily Cleansing Fiber Lemon-Flavored Drink Mix™ with six herbal ingredients, and a Super Milk Thistle Liver Cleansing Formula™ with four herbal ingredients. The Whole Body Cleanse™ system appears to have many different key ingredients.  Colon Clenz™ and Super Colon Cleanse™ are next on the list. Colon Clenz™ has nine herbal ingredients, while Super Colon Cleanse™ contains eight herbal ingredients.
H2Go has just one key ingredient, a unique magnesium ion to hold on to many more water molecules compared with traditional magnesium forms. Because these magnesium ions work so well, H2Go is effective at low intake, taken just once daily (at bedtime).  It also does not require other key ingredients.
Some experts recommend a simpler colon cleanser over more complex formulas.  One reason is the benefits – and side effects – of a single key ingredient are easier to assess. As the number of key ingredients in a colon cleanser increases, more groups may be needed to understand the role of each.  A multiple ingredient  colon cleanseralso may have more potential side effect or interaction risk in some people.
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