A colon cleansing enema can help with constipation. Sometimes, people prepare for a diagnostic test or abdominal surgery with a colon cleansing enema. A person might undergo a colon cleansing enema at home. A pamphlet from Ohio State University explains how to have a colon cleansing enema at home.

Bringing the Fluid into the Colon

A colon cleansing enema requires an enema bag with a clamp and tubing, a water based lubricant, and a prescribed cleansing solution such as water or saline solution. The colon cleansing enema starts with preparing about 500 ml of cleansing solution and filling the enema bag with it. The cleansing solution should be lukewarm. Remember to have the clamp on the tubing closed. Lubricating the tip of the tubing is the next step. There can be some spilling during an enema, so protect the area where you will lie down with a plastic bag or something that absorbs the spilt liquid. Hang the enema bag 30 cm to 45 cm above the rectum to allow gravity to bring the cleansing solution into the colon when the enema starts. Gently insert the tip of the tube into the rectum about 9 cm. Lie down on your left side and bend your knees toward your chest. Open the clamp to let the cleansing solution flow into the bowels. Breath slowly and deeply to make the experience less uncomfortable.
Getting the Fluid out of the Colon
The cleansing solution should stay in the colon for as long as possible, ideally 5 to 10 minutes. When you can’t hold the cleansing solution in anymore, go to the toilet to eliminate it. The procedure many need to be repeated several times. The colon cleansing enema has done its job when the fluid comes out as clear as water. The cleansing solution should also be free of any stool.
Colon Cleansing Enema Steps
1.    Prepare the parts of the enema.
2.    Prepare the location for the enema.
3.    Fill and hang the enema bag.
4.    Insert the tube from the enema bag.
5.    Lie down and start the enema.
6.    Retain the cleansing solution for as long as possible.
7.    Use the toilet to evacuate the cleansing solution.
8.    Repeat until the evacuated cleansing solution is clear.
People rely on a colon cleansing enema to address constipation and to prepare for certain medical procedures such as surgery or diagnostic tests. If the colon cleansing enema is for a medical procedure, a healthcare professional will recommend the details of the colon cleansing enema. A colon cleansing enema uses the force of gravity to send cleansing fluid into the colon. Once there, the cleansing fluid washes out the inside of the colon. After several minutes, the cleansing fluid is expelled by using the toilet. By carefully following instructions and/or the advise of health practitioner, a colon cleansing enema can be  a quick and simple process.
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