— Dr. Michael Steelman, M.D.
Director of the Steelman Weight Loss Clinic,
Oklahoma City, OK    (405)755-4600

“As a weight loss specialist, I work with patients whose daily diets have undergone drastic change. Even though their new eating patterns are significantly healthier, their systems may respond by becoming constipated.

When this happens, some patients dose themselves with over-the-counter laxatives or colon cleansers. Others put off doing anything until their systems are teeming with wastes and toxins. Neither strategy is healthy.

Waiting too long is a poor idea. The longer wastes remain in your system, the more opportunity there is for toxins to escape into your bloodstream, making you feel lethargic, dull, and out of sorts. But regular laxative use is not the best solution for constipation. The risk of dependency aside, some laxatives are very hard on the system. And fiber supplements can cause uncomfortable bulk and bloating.

That is why I recommend [the H2Go formula].This natural mineral supplement gently and effectively restores regularity, usually overnight. It does not stimulate the intestines or add uncomfortable bulk; rather it increases the collection of water in the colon to make elimination easy, regular and natural. And unlike other laxatives, it is gentle enough to use every day.”*

Dr. Steelman is Board Certified in Weight Management, Bariatric Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is past president of The American Bariatric Physicians Association. He has been in private practice for 27 years