A reliable home remedy for constipation can be an alternative to stimulant or irritant laxatives. Many foods in the kitchen can make a good home remedy for constipation. Exercise is another home remedy for constipation. Relaxation techniques and proper toilet habits address psychological factors associated with constipation. Rather than grabbing a stimulant or irritant laxative at the first sign of trouble, consider trying a home remedy for constipation first.

Help from the Kitchen
Foods can help keep a person regular. Whole grain products promote intestinal health, because the grains contain the bran. Much of the fiber in a grain is bran. Other foods with high fiber levels are beans, fruits, and vegetables. Thistle milk, apple juice, pear juice, and prune juice all contain non-fiber natural stool softeners that make waste easier to pass. Vegetable oil, soybean oil, and safflower oil help with constipation by lubricating the large intestine.

Help from the Gym
Bowel movements involve both voluntary and involuntary muscles. The involuntary muscles of the large intestine evacuate the stool during a bowel movement. These muscles get help from the voluntary muscles of the upper legs and lower torsos. Exercises that build the muscles of the upper legs and lower torso will make bowel movements easier. Time on a stationary bike or other aerobic machines will make the leg muscles fit. A daily routine of abdominal exercises will improve the strength and endurance of the muscles in the lower torso.

Help from the Meditation Room
There is a psychological element to constipation in some people. Anxiety may contribute to constipation. Meditation, music, and relaxing activities can remove this underlying cause of constipation. Releasing stress from the mind makes it easier to release waste from the bowels.

Help from the Bathroom
Training the mind to relax promotes regularity, so does training the gut. The gut has a type of motor memory which can be harnessed to keep the body regular. Going to the bathroom at the same time each day teaches the gut to make a bowel movement at the appointed hour. If the urge to make a bowel movement occurs at other times of the day, use the bathroom at that time as well. Suppressing the urge to use the bathroom can result in constipation.

Home Remedy “Rooms” to Help Prevent Constipation
The Kitchen Eat high fiber foods.
The Gym Work out the upper legs and lower torso.
The Meditation Room Calm the mind.
The Bathroom Set aside a daily time for using the toilet.

The do it yourself options for  preventing constipation can be divided into four “rooms “The home remedy for constipation in the kitchen is proper diet. The home remedy for constipation in the weight room is daily exercise. The home remedy for constipation in the meditation room is a peaceful mind. The home remedy for constipation in the bathroom is a consistent schedule.


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