Engineered to Build Bone Density*
Choose from four AdvaCAL formulas, all with small easy-swallow capsules. Each AdvaCAL formula features at least 1000 mg of AAACa calcium and 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per daily serving. For women 50+, we recommend AdvaCAL INTENSIVE. with more AAACa calcium and vitamin D3 daily, plus clinically proven bone builders.*

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Takuo Fujita, M.D., is past president of Japan’s Osteoporosis Foundation and author of over 400 scientific papers on calcium. He has studied AdvaCAL and its ingredients for two decades. “Bone loss is preventable” according to Dr. Fujita. Emphasizing the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Fujita advises those concerned about weak bones to exercise, eat a low-salt, low-phosphorous diet, avoid smoking, and take AdvaCAL everyday. He told his audience in no uncertain terms, “Take the best calcium – not the cheapest one!”

Impressive Among 32 Calcium Studies
A report in a leading medical journal summarized 32 calcium studies on postmenopausal women. AdvaCAL users reported impressive bone increases, averaging +3.3% per year vs. placebo.*
Ref: Nordin B.E.C. Osteoporosis Int’l (2009) 20:2135-2143

Advanced Absorption and PTH Modulation

AdvaCAL is a patented, ionic calcium. It starts out as oyster shell, which is then smelted at 800° C. Smelting changes the chemical structure of oyster shell from calcium carbonate to calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide. The superheating process also removes nearly all of the heavy metals, such as lead, found in oyster shell. The end result is a highly absorbable calcium that can supply all the daily needs of your heart and nervous system with a surplus left to build bone density. As a final step, the calcium in AdvaCAL is potentiated with HAI™ (Heated Algal Ingredient). HAI is a patented amino acid complex from super-heated hijiki seaweed. Tiny amounts of HAI have been scientifically shown to further elevate calcium absorption. Calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide + HAI (known as AAACa calcium) provide superior calcium absorption and PTH modulation. AAACa calcium has demonstrated consistent improvements in bone mineral density in clinical research and is only available in AdvaCAL.*

The human body can only absorb pure (“elemental”) calcium. In young adults, stomach acid has the power to release elemental calcium from most calcium forms. But as we grow older our stomachs secrete less acid, and the process breaks down. Because of its solubility and unique structure, AAACa calcium can easily release elemental calcium in the body, even with little stomach acid production. That means higher absorption and more calcium reaching your bones. Studies show that AAACa calcium has a final bone benefit: it modulates PTH (parathyroid hormone) secretions, which can needlessly deplete calcium from bone.*

In one clinical study, postmenopausal women and men taking AdvaCAL increased their bone density on average by 8% more than those taking a placebo after 3 years.*
In another study, elderly women taking AdvaCAL increased their bone density on average by 6.6% more than those taking a placebo after 2 years.* Your results will vary.