Time Saving and Relaxation Tips

Everybody can use some time saving tips, try these and let us know what you think:

Get, Set, Go!

  1. Go off the snooze button
  2. Get out your morning gear the night before.
  3. Set out your morning cuppa and accessories on the kitchen table before going to bed!

Culinary Insolvency? Here’s Some Neat Cooking Hacks!

  1. Take 15 minutes on the weekend to plan out day-wise meals for every day of the work week. Trust me, this one-time 15 minutes will save about half an hour every day of the work week and so much mental trauma deciding what to cook. It also helps you get the right grocery ahead of time as well as less fret-time on what to buy!
  1. Make sure your freezer for frozen supplies – frozen peas, frozen spinach, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen chicken, frozen ground beef, frozen beans. When you do not have the time to run groceries, these healthy quick-cook foods are Plan B!
  1. Keep handy add-ons like tomato puree, dried herbs, crushed pepper, lemon extract, low fat mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, sprigs fresh rosemary, thyme etc to shorten cooking time. Adding any of these to the most basic and mundane recipes brings out flavour and presentation really quickly and also adds healthful goodness!

Put It In A Box, List Or On The Calendar

  1. Got food you could not finish? – Cooked leftovers, opened packets of snacks, unfinished soups, and unused ingredients to a recipe can all be put to good use later if they are stored well. Always have handy small clean storage boxes and zip-lock bags where you can seal it carefully and hygienically and put away in the fridge. It saves both grocery runs and money!
  1. Keep a mini writing notepad and a pen on the kitchen counter. Write the items that you are running low on as you go working in the kitchen. If you are savvy with technology, you can use the notepad on your mobile. This way you don’t leave the list home when you are in the market.
  1. All the things you need to remember, do or go to on certain dates need to go on the calendar on your cell or on the kitchen wall. Jot them down as and when you remember or are informed about. Stay on top of things!



1-2-3 Relaxation Anywhere!

  1. Sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor and legs hip-distance apart.
  2. Place your palms face down on your knees.
  3. Looking straight ahead in a soft gaze, inhale with your nose to the count of four; hold your breath in to the count of four; exhale to the count of six. Repeat this pattern of breathing for 3-5 minutes. This will relieve you immediately from any anxiety!

6 Easy Steps To Emotional Wellness

  1. Believe in yourself, believe in whatever you do and say. Believe you are stronger than anything you will face. Repeat this to yourself several times a day.
  2. Meditate a little every day. You don’t have to pull out a rug and light candles. You can close your eyes sitting on a chair and focus on your breathing. Observe the thoughts that pass by. Do not judge the thoughts. Do this for 5 minutes.
  3. Network with friends and colleagues and those who share your interests. In stressful times, these will be the people who will support you, keep you going and make you strong.
  4. Give back a little. Plough-back into the society from which we take consistently. This could be a charity of clothes, food, books, toys, medicines, time, knowledge etc.
  5. Evolve yourself consistently. No sooner than you are in your comfort zone, you stop to evolve as a person. And though comfort zones have their value, they could stagnate your inner growth. Learn new skills – a new language, how to drive, gardening skills, new technology, a new game, new literature, art etc.
  6. Cleanse your emotions. Veiling emotions for the fear of public appropriateness will make you apathetic to yourself and others in the long run. Learn pranayama breathing techniques and clear out the cobwebs of stubbed feelings.