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A Synergistic Blend of Relaxing Herbs to Maximize Relaxation: Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Passion Flower

When it comes to maximizing sleep and relaxation, there are few things older or as effective as herbs. For thousands of years, herbs have served a valuable role in helping people get a good night of sleep without using drugs or medications. Herbs also serve as a sedative and relaxants for those struggling with occasional stress and anxiety.*

Chamomile, Ashwagandha, and passion flower are among the numerous herbs that still get used for their relaxing qualities. Traditionally, each of these herbs gets taken separately in tea or drink. While they work great independently, recent innovations have shown that the three work better together.*

How do Herbs Help With Relaxation and Sleep?

If you struggle with occasional stress, occasional anxiety, or occasional sleeplessness, adding a steady dose of herbs to your diet is an excellent idea. Relaxing herbs are one of the best ways to calm your nerves and lower your stress levels without resorting to drugs, medications, melatonin, and other hormone or medical applications. Here are some of the ways that herbs help you relax.*


Herbs work the same way that drugs do in that they slow down your brain waves and activities. They also increase GABA, a neurotransmitter that sends other signals throughout your body, telling it that it’s time to sleep.*


Herbs also help to relax your body’s muscles, bones, and nerves. A big reason that people struggle with occasional stress and occasional sleep latency is that their muscles are too rigid and wound up.*


As the herbs relax your muscles and affect your brain waves and neurotransmitters, they lower your anxiety levels.*

Can You Take Ashwagandha and Passion Flower Together?

It isn’t just ok to take Ashwagandha and passion flower together; it’s recommended. While the two herbs are similar in what they do and how they work, they get placed into two distinct categories by botanists. You see, the passion flower is often thought of as a complementary herb.

On the other hand, Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and does most sleep and relaxation work. However, adding a complementary herb to the mix, such as passion flower, amplifies the effect of Ashwagandha. The same goes for chamomile: it works great alone but even better when used with passion flower, Ashwagandha, or both.*

Does Ashwagandha Help With Sleep?

In the United States and worldwide, Ashwagandha is one of the top herbs people take to help them sleep and relax. It’s an herb proven to help people who struggle with occasional sleeplessness and anxiety. As mentioned above, it’s an adaptogen in the herb family and is India’s most popular sleep and relaxation herb.*

You can take Ashwagandha in tea, but it’s also available as a pill, tincture, or powder to add to smoothies or drinks. Ashwagandha works as a muscle relaxant and sleep agent in that it calms the necessary brain waves and incites others that cause sleepiness.*

Does Passion Flower Help You Sleep?

In terms of overall popularity, the passion flower is one of the top herbs on the market. For centuries, it’s been one of the most popular sleep and relaxation herbs known to man. It’s loved for its many relaxing properties, which help with sleep and occasional anxiety. It has been shown that passion flowers can improve the quality and amount of sleep that people get, and they can also help you stay asleep longer and reduce the chances of waking in the middle of the night.* 

The most popular way to get passion flower into your system is with a cup of tea because of how tasteful and pleasant it is. However, you can consume passion flowers as a pill, syrup, or tincture.*

Does Chamomile Help You Sleep?

The third herb we’ll look at in this article is chamomile. Chamomile is another excellent relaxant and sleep aid and is most popular when used in tea form. The reason that people love chamomile tea is because of the sweet, floral smell and taste that it gives off. However, even more than the taste of chamomile, people love its relaxing qualities.* 

Chamomile is very effective at working in the brain to relax excitatory brain waves and send relaxing signals via neurotransmitters. In the same way, chamomile also helps relax your muscles and calm your mind so that you can be in a calm state. While tea is the most popular way to consume chamomile, you can also take it in pill or tincture form.*

Is It Good to Take Chamomile, Ashwagandha, and Passion Flower Together?

Like we said before, the only thing better than taking a single herb is taking multiples together. However, you want to be somewhat deliberate about the herbs you take together. For example, Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that serves as a primary herb. Passionflower, however, is a complementary herb that enhances the properties of other herbs.* 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t take passion flowers on their own. It simply means you’ll get the effects of passion flower and Ashwagandha’s added effects. The same holds for chamomile, as well. Taking chamomile on its own is great, but you’ll feel more effects if you take it with ashwagandha or passion flower or both. Together, these three herbs may profoundly affect your sleep and relaxation.*

What’s the Best Way to Take Multiple Herbs at the Same Time

One of the best and most relaxing ways to take these herbs together is in a cup of tea. However, not everyone likes the combination of tastes and smells that Ashwagandha, chamomile, and passion flower have together. If that’s the case, the best way to take all three at once is by taking a pill or oral supplement.* 

By adding these three herbs into your daily regimen, there’s a good chance you’ll see improvement in your sleep and experience less occasional anxiety. While they won’t have an immediate effect, they’re a better long-term option than drugs, melatonin, medications, and other sleep aids.* 



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