LaneInnovativeĀ® is an innovation company. We offer unique natural supplements and topicals, recognized for their safety and superior efficacy in controlled research. Our 17 brands are backed by 97 scientific articles.

The LaneInnovative Difference

Founded in 1994, LaneInnovativeĀ® is a unique natural products company:

  • We do not offer me-too products
  • Our products offer performance benefits not available elsewhere.
  • Our performance claims are based on scientific evidence.
  • US courts and leading medical journals have accepted our scientific research
  • We openly share our research with our customers, as allowed by law or scientific custom
  • The potency and recommended usage of our products are comparable to that used in clinical research.
  • We thoroughly understand our products.
  • We listen to and respect our customers

Our Pledge

  • Provide superior value to our customers through innovation
  • Continually Invest in our natural technologies to better understand of their capabilities and enhance their benefits.
  • Maintain a work environment that values people, promotes learning and nurtures innovation.
  • Be respected by our customers, retail and healthcare partners, employees and suppliers
  • Continually strive for excellence in all business practices.

Our Quality Standards

  • Our key ingredients are produced in countries with advanced food technologies and regulatory oversight.
  • We continuously test for label claim potency, pathogens and heavy metals. Products that fail on any measure are not sold.
  • We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations
  • Our products consistently meet U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) dissolution and disintegration standards.