It’s all war, all the time!

At any given moment of any given day, your entire body is a war zone. Arriving in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat, are thousands upon thousands of micro-organisms just looking for a place to settle in and grow.

Your immune system is your first line of defense. And now there is a way to help ensure those defenses are as strong as they can possibly be.

Immunity requires teamwork.

In health as in football, the real secret of success is not so much a powerful offense as it is a finely-tuned defense. In football, that means having a smart defensive coordinator and eleven powerful defenders, each one assigned to block or tackle a different opposing player.

In health, it means having more than a hundred different types of white blood cells patrolling your body, each blocking or tackling a different target and all communicating with each other to get the job done.

Of all the white blood cells circulating through your system, scientists consider three to be crucial: T cells, B cells, and NK (Natural Killer) cells. When NK cells are highly active and T and B cells are plentiful your immune system is strong.

NK cell activity – which can vary – is key.

Of that army of white blood cells, NK (short for “Natural Killer”) cells are considered by many scientists to be the first line of defense. In order for you to be immune strong, your NK cells must be highly active.

Unfortunately, research suggests that NK cell activity can vary over time. Poor diet, stress, lifestyle changes, even weather, all may help weaken NK cell defenses. People with consistently robust NK cell activity levels are likely to have a stronger immune response.

Keep your NK cells cranking with the Noxylane4™ breakthrough!

Noxylane4 from LaneInnovative is a combination of two unique ingredients designed to support peak NK cell activity and enhance T and B cell defenses.*

The first ingredient is a highly active complex carbohydrate called Arabinoxylane. Arabinoxylane is made by modifying rice bran hemicellulose with an enzyme extract from Shiitake mushrooms. Arabinoxylane has been studied both in vitro (in test tubes) and in vivo (in living beings) and seems to have special benefits for supporting NK cell activity.*

The Arabinoxylane molecule is a large one, and it is not easily absorbed. That is why Noxylane4 also contains HAI™ – an amino acid extract from seaweed. In animal and human research HAI appears to bolster the absorption of large molecules like Arabinoxylane. Simply-put, HAI makes the Arabinoxylane in Noxylane4 more powerful, to work even better.*

No other immune supplement has BOTH these incredibly powerful ingredients!

LaneInnovative has spent years testing ways to increase the activity of Arabinoxylane through enhanced absorption. Noxylane4 is the breakthrough in immune support everyone had been looking for.

No other immune product that we’ve studied (including even those from LaneInnovative) has ever matched Noxylane4 in terms of potency and NK cell performance.*

No Need To Cycle On and Off.

Unlike other immune enhancers, research suggests that Noxylane4 may be continued indefinitely, without loss of activity. That means your NK cell defenses may maintain a high rate of readiness, each and every day. Noxylane4 is unmatched both for those seeking rapid immune support and, at a lower intake, for daily immune reinforcement.*

EVERYTHING you always wanted to know about your IMMUNE SYSTEM (but nobody ever explained)

The ORGANS of the immune system include:

  • Bone marrow, where all immune cells are formed and where B cells mature…
  • The thymus, where immature T cells (called thymocytes) mature and develop the ability to target specific micro-organisms…
  • The spleen, which filters the blood to remove worn-out red blood cells and may help initiate an immune reaction…
  • Lymph nodes, which filter lymph, capturing microbes and presenting them to T and B cells in order to initiate an immune response.

Your immune system never forgets!

When you were born your immune system, like your brain, was a blank slate, ready to learn whatever the world had to teach it in order to do its job.

For the first few years of your life, it was working like crazy, learning to distinguish between the cells that belong to your body and the micro invaders  that don’t. Every time you had a vaccination your immune system learned something new about how to protect you.

Over the years it has continued to learn. And it hasn’t forgotten a thing. So today, it’s still able to protect you!

The CELLS of the immune system work like the defensive unit of a football team:

APCs read the offense and alert other defenders (like T cells) so they can make the tackle and end the play. There are two kinds of APCs: macrophages, which circulate in your bloodstream; and dendritic cells, which are found primarily in the spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes.
B cells are defenders that form and mature in bone marrow. They call the signals, producing antibodies that alert other cells (NK cells and granulocytes) that it’s time to make a big play.
T cells are formed in bone marrow, mature in the thymus, and need to be activated in the lymph nodes or spleen in order to do their job. T cells come in two varieties. T-helper cells signal other cells (which might be NK cells, macrophages, T-killer cells, or granulocytes) to move in on the opposing players. T-killer cells are the blitzers, breaking through fast to tackle the opposing backs head-on.
NK (Natural Killer) cells are roving defenders. Like T-killer cells, they blitz the opposition, but they don’t require activation get the job done.
Granulocytes (which include neutrophils, eosinophils and basophils) make sure the ball carrier is down to stay, engulfing and destroying it with powerful enzymes.

Probiotics Support Immune Response*

Bacteria are a large group of single-celled micro-organisms found everywhere on Earth. Several thousand species exist. Many of them are vital to life, performing many physiological functions, including breaking down nutrients, supporting and helping the digestive functions as well as supporting immune response. There are approximately ten times as many bacterial cells in the human flora as there are human cells in the body. They are essential to good health.*

Few years ago, most of the healthy bacteria that our body needed were found in traditional and fermented foods such as traditional yogurt from raw milk, cheese from raw milk, sourdough, pickles. Sadly, now that we pasteurize everything, most of the food in our modern diet is devoid of the healthy bacteria.

Top 5 Tips to Boost Immunity

Strong immunity is essential to great health. It can be wise to boost one’s immunity once or twice a year, especially at wintertime or before travelling.  Follow these LaneInnovative expert tips:


More and more studies are now showing the benefits of sport to the immune system. Exercising regularly will boost your immunity. Scientists did a test on 125 amateur cyclists aged 55 to 79 and compared them with healthy adults from a wide age group who did not exercise regularly. The findings, outlined in two papers in the journal Aging Cell in 2018, showed that the cyclists preserved muscle mass and strength with age while maintaining stable levels of body fat and cholesterol. In men, testosterone levels remained high.   But more surprising, the effects of cycling appeared to extend to the immune system. An organ called the thymus, which makes immune cells called T-cells, normally starts to shrink from the age of 20. But the thymuses of the older cyclists were found to be generating as many T-cells as those of young people.


Ongoing stress makes us susceptible to illness and disease because the brain sends defense signals to the endocrine system, which then affects our immunity.  Some experts claim that stress is responsible for as much as 90% of all illnesses and diseases.  Take time for yourself and relax!


A study recently conducted by a team from the University of Tübingen in Germany found a mechanism linking sleep to the functioning of the immune system. The researchers who led this study found that a good night’s sleep can boost the effectiveness of certain specialized immune cells called T cells (a white blood cell). The findings show that sleep can help to enhance the efficiency of T cell response.


Need a stronger immune boost? Think Noxylane4
The organs of the immune system produce highly specialized white blood cells, perhaps the most important of which are Natural Killer (NK) cells, T cells and B cells. NK cells, a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte, are considered by many scientists to be the body’s first line of defense. The more active your NK cells, the stronger your immune system. Noxylane4 targets NK cell activity as well as T and B cells for optimal immune response.*


A big part of our immune system begins in our intestine.  Boost your intestinal health by taking a good probiotic for a month to strengthen your immune system.

Flora3™ is not your typical “fragile bacteria” probiotic. It contains a prebiotic, probiotic and Bacillus Coagulans all rolled into one. Flora3 doesn’t require billions and billions of bacteria to be effective.*




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