Toki is a Collagen drink powder that contains three essential nutrients: Active Collagen, AAACa Calcium and Mucopolysaccharide complex. Because it is taken internally, Toki can deliver these nutrients to the dermis (second layer of the skin) via the body’s blood supply, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of patchy skin discolorations, and give your skin a healthy, radiant tone.*

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Toki works where creams cannot reach

Traveling through the bloodstream, Toki brings nourishment to cells deep down where no topical application can reach. Like water from an underground spring, the nutrients in Toki are absorbed into the dermis, and parched cells begin springing back to life as Toki nourishes and replenishes from within.*

Crow’s feet diminish…

Dark spots fade…

The beautiful women of Japan don’t need needles or cosmetic surgery to have radiant, youthful skin. And neither do you! A few years ago I learned how Japanese achieve such glorious skin. I could hardly believe how simple it is. Two or three times a day, every day, thousands of “toki” women in Japan open a packet of snow white crystals, mix it with tea, fruit juice or fresh, pure water, and literally drink there wrinkles away. No needles, no scalpels, no costly creams or lotions.*Linda Page, N.D. PhD Author of Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-Healng for Everyone (12th Edition)

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The Science of Toki

The skin is divided in 2 main portions; the upper layer is the Epidermis and the lower layer is the Dermis. The bottom layer of the Epidermis is where pigment-producing cells live (melanocytes), where our skin color is produced as well as less desirable skin tones and overall skin discolorations (freckles, dark spots). These can also be due to sun damage.

The Dermis goes through many changes in the aging process. The Dermis is where the capillaries that bring blood flow to the skin live. When Collagen and Elastin fibers begin to break down, it may lead to skin weakness, or sagging (fine wrinkles lines). The overuse of facial muscle will also cause deep wrinkles (squinting, frowning, smiling). Because Toki is taken internally, it can help deliver nutrients to the dermis (lower layer). The result: A total body solution that supports a youthful appearance.*

Absorption of Toki Measured by Blood Collagen Assay

Absorption of collagen form Toki was assessed by measuring levels of serum collagen. Hydroxyproline (amino acid component of collagen) levels were measured and converted to equivalent levels of porcine collagen. Serum collagen levels were tested at baseline, study day 15 and study day 30. A statistically significant increase in hydroxyproline was observed at both day 15 and day 30 as compared to baseline, suggesting a high rate of absorption of Toki collagen.*

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