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3A Calcium Ultra

180 Capsules


180 Capsules

3A Calcium Ultra (complete bone formula) – The #1 bone-building calcium!*

3A Calcium Ultra is an excellent calcium supplement for women of all ages and men concerned about their bone health. When taken as directed, this superior formulation contains 1,000mg of our patented AAACa, shown in scientific studies to build bone density, as well as 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3, 600 mg of magnesium, Vitamins K and C plus Zinc, Copper Manganese and Boron.*

3A Calcium Ultra….the complete calcium formulation…. including Vitamin K!

A report in the journal Osteoporosis International summarized 32 multi-year calcium studies conducted between 1997 and 2008.  The 32 studies involved 3,169 postmenopausal women, 79 skeletal measures and 7 different types of calcium.  3A Calcium Ultra users reported impressive results: average bone density increased +3.3% per year compared to a placebo.*  Ref : Nordin B.E.C. Osteoporosis Intl (2009) 20:2135-2143.

3A Calcium Ultra:  3A Calcium Ultra Calcium In A Bone Health Formula
3A Calcium Ultra, by LaneInnovative, is a bone-building calcium supplement that contains AAACa calcium plus 7 other bone building nutrients. Capsules are small and easy to swallow.*

3A Calcium Ultra provides:

–     1000 mg of AAACa elemental calcium, the #1 Bone-Building Calcium*

–     1000 IU of Vitamin D3

–     600 mg of magnesium

–     100mg of Vitamin C

–     100mcg of Vitamin K2

–      Plus Minerals:  12 mg of Zinc, 2 mg of Copper, 4 mg of Manganese and 4 mg of Boron.

Only 3A Calcium Ultra blends natural calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide with a unique amino acid extract from Japanese sea algae (HAI) to build stronger, healthy bones.*

3A Calcium Ultra is UNIQUE!
3A Calcium Ultra is an ionic calcium. It starts out as oyster shell, which is then smelted at 800° C. Smelting changes the chemical structure of oyster shell from calcium carbonate to calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide. The superheating process removes nearly all of the heavy metals, such as lead, found in oyster shell. The end result is a highly absorbable calcium that can supply all the daily needs of your heart and nervous system with a surplus left to build bone density.*

Clinical research shows that AAACa calcium has a second bone benefit: it helps modulate PTH (parathyroid hormone) secretions, which can needlessly deplete calcium from bone.*

As a final step, the calcium in 3A Calcium Ultra is potentiated with HAI (Heated Algal Ingredient). HAI™ is a  unqiue amino acid complex from super-heated hijiki seaweed. Tiny amounts of HAI have been scientifically shown to further elevate calcium oxide & calcium hydroxide absorption.*

AAACa Calcium (Calcium oxide/calcium hydroxide plus HAI) provides superior calcium absorption and PTH modulation. This combination has shown consistent increases in bone density in clinical research. This ingredient combination can only be found in 3A Calcium Ultra.*

3A Calcium Ultra is an excellent calcium supplement for women of all ages and men concerned about their bone health. Three tiny capsules twice daily helps build stronger bones for life!*

Adequate calcium with vitamin D as part of a healthful diet throughout life, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

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