H2Go Silver - 3 H2Go + FREE Natures Lining

H2GO: 3 Bottles (90 Tablets per bottle) ($68.85)
Nature’s Lining: 1 Bottle (60 Chewable Tablets) ($44.95) FREE
Shipping: ($7.95) FREE


H2GO: 3 Bottles (90 Tablets per bottle) ($68.85)
Nature’s Lining: 1 Bottle (60 Chewable Tablets) ($44.95) FREE
Shipping: ($7.95) FREE

H2Go™ – The Gentle & Natural Constipation Relief with Active Magnesia. Say Goodbye to Constipation and other Harsh Laxatives.*

Nature’s Lining: A New Approach to Occasional Heartburn*


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H2Go makes harsh laxatives and fiber supplements obsolete.*

– Helps keep you regular day after day*
– Uniquely Effective
– Gentle, Natural

H2Go, by LaneInnovative, contains Active Magnesia that draws water into the colon to make elimination easy and regular.  Two small easy-to-swallow mini-tabs daily can help end your worries about constipation.*

Constipation is the problem nobody wants to talk about, yet it affects almost everyone at one time or another. For some it is a byproduct of certain health issues. For many others, constipation is an inconvenient, periodic concern that has simply become too uncomfortable to ignore. Traditionally, people deal with occasional constipation by taking fiber or laxatives. But there is another option growing in popularity —helping to prevent constipation with a natural mineral supplement called H2Go.*

Harsh laxatives or fiber are not the best answer
Many laxatives work by artificially stimulating or irritating your colon into a flurry of activity. If they work too well, the result can be diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, cramps, which is not only uncomfortable but embarrassing. These laxatives can start you on a yo-yo cycle of alternating constipation and diarrhea. And the more often you use them, the more likely your colon will lose its natural responsiveness and become laxative dependent.

Taking fiber may seem like a better idea, but it is not always easy on your system. Fiber works by absorbing water and increasing bulk in the colon. That is why you should drink lots of water when taking fiber. For some people that is just not feasible. And you may find that all that fiber leaves you feeling bloated or uncomfortably full. Moreover, fiber takes time to work, a critical consideration when you are constipated, and many fiber products don’t taste good.

The secret is….water
To prevent constipation, the secret is water (moisture), to soften the stool for regular, comfortable elimination. H2Go is a regularity supplement unlike any other. It helps your body draw and hold water into the colon without the bad taste or discomfort of fiber. H2Go is an easy to take mini-tab. It contains a highly active form of magnesium, called Active Magnesia – which brings water into the colon and holds it there to make elimination easy, comfortable and regular.  Active Magnesia has up to four times the water-attracting power of other magnesium forms. There is nothing like it. It is not just an osmotic, it is a Hyperosmotic. Working almost like a giant sponge, H2Go increases the collection of water in the colon to support healthy, regular elimination.*

Unlike harsh laxatives, H2Go does not artificially stimulate or irritate your colon. It doesn’t add uncomfortable bulk like fiber. Instead it gently harnesses nature’s most effective stool softener, water, to help keep your system on a regular schedule while continually and thoroughly cleansing your colon.*

Gentle and Effective
H2Go comes from Japan where it has been a best seller in Japan for years. Tens of thousands of people have sworn by H2Go in the United States. Two small, easy-to-swallow H2Go mini-tabs each day will gently and gradually cleanse your colon, eliminate toxins and, most importantly, help keep you regular. With H2Go, you may not have to worry about constipation anymore.*


Daily Relief: Take 6 mini-tabs with 8 oz. of water before bed for 3 days. Reduce intake by 1 mini-tab each day, until you reach your personal comfort level of 1-2 mini-tabs daily.

Colon Cleanse*: take 6 mini-tabs with 8 oz. of water before bed for 7 consecutive days.

Overnight relief: Take 6 mini-tabs with 8 oz. of water before bed.

Nature’s Lining, unlike antacids, does not neutralize stomach acid which is needed for proper digestion. Instead, this natural chew tablet helps strengthen the mucous lining that protects your stomach wall from gastric acid exposure. Stomach lining weak spots can lead to occasional heartburn, Although Nature’s Lining is not a quick fix, the relief it provides can be long lasting. Many users report that after 8 weeks, the relief continues without taking Nature’s Lining every day! Nature’s Lining features a pleasant, light mint flavor.*

Nature’s Lining…. Naturally Helps Strengthen the Stomach Lining*

Indigestion issues, such as occasional heartburn, upset stomach, nausea or bloating, seem to be a widely shared concern. And this is why antacid products have been top sellers for years. But what if there was a natural supplement that has been clinically shown to support the balance to the body’s digestive system instead of fighting against it like antacids do?*

Nature’s Lining, contains proprietary Zinc L-Carnosine. This natural ingredient is  a new approach to digestive concerns and occasional heartburn. Chew 1 tablet with food twice daily for 8 weeks, then take only as needed.*

The Digestive balance: Mucous Lining vs Gastric Acid
The stomach’s natural defense mechanism is a protective lining of cells with an overlying thick coat of mucus s called the stomach mucosa or stomach lining. Your stomach was designed to produce and hold one of the most corrosive acids known to man: hydrochloric acid. When food hits the stomach the mucosa secrets gastric juice which is composed of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid has two functions: It breaks down food protein so your body can use it to build new tissue, and it keeps the contents of your stomach sterile. Under ideal condition the natural defense (Stomach Lining) and the offense substance (Gastric Juice) stay in balance. If the balance is disrupted because the stomach lining is weak, occasional heartburn or an upset stomach can result.

At first, antacids may seem like a great idea: the acid is burning the stomach so you feel you should suppress or neutralize it.. But in reality antacids aren’t the long-term answer. They are specifically designed to reduce gastric acid. But gastric juice is needed – it plays a major role in digestion, breaking down the nutrients and keeping the stomach sterile. So instead of trying to suppress the acid, a better approach may be to strengthen the stomach lining, restoring the body’s natural digestive balance.

Nature’s Lining contains Zinc L-Carnosine which was developed in Japan in the early 1990’s. L-Carnosine is a di-peptide composed of the two essential amino acids: ß-alanine and L-histidine. L-Carnosine is naturally present in our bodies in muscle and connective tissue. Zinc is an essential trace mineral element that plays a key role in numerous physiological reactions. When L-Carnosine is complexed with zinc, it offers unique properties in the supporting and strengthening of the stomach lining.*

Impressive Research
Nature’s Lining is designed to help strengthen the stomach’s natural defenses to gastric acid. Human and animal trials have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of its key ingredient.  One human clinical trial reported moderate to significant improvement of 75.7% after 4 weeks and 89.3% after 8 weeks . Today doctors in Japan recommend it for a variety of stomach issues.*


Chew 1 tablet twice daily (morning or evening) for eight weeks, with food.
Thereafter, chew 1 tablet as needed, for occasional discomfort. Take with food.


Nature’s Lining

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Arthur B. Beck


Positive experience. Products works well.

Jane B.


The product works as described. I take it with me on international travel and have found it very effective the two times I needed to use it. Good product.

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The only thing that works for me.

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