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H2Go….say goodbye to constipation!*

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H2Go is the natural, gentle answer to constipation. When taken as directed, it helps keep you regular day after day! H2Go contains patented Active Magnesia, which is vastly superior to ordinary (and potentially unsafe) magnesium used in many other colon products. Active Magnesia has up to 4x the water-attracting power of ordinary magnesium, helping to quickly soften stools for a gentler, easier elimination. And the best part is that H2Go is safe for long-term use. H2Go is 3 products in one…. it can be used for daily regularity, overnight constipation relief or as a colon cleanse.*

H2Go makes harsh laxatives and fiber supplements obsolete.*

– Helps keep you regular day after day*
– Uniquely Effective
– Gentle, Natural

H2Go, by LaneLabs, contains Active Magnesia that draws water into the colon to make elimination easy and regular.  Two small easy-to-swallow mini-tabs daily can help end your worries about constipation.*

Constipation is the problem nobody wants to talk about, yet it affects almost everyone at one time or another. For some it is a byproduct of certain health issues. For many others, constipation is an inconvenient, periodic concern that has simply become too uncomfortable to ignore. Traditionally, people deal with occasional constipation by taking fiber or laxatives. But there is another option growing in popularity —helping to prevent constipation with a natural mineral supplement called H2Go.*

Harsh laxatives or fiber are not the best answer
Many laxatives work by artificially stimulating or irritating your colon into a flurry of activity. If they work too well, the result can be diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, cramps, which is not only uncomfortable but embarrassing. These laxatives can start you on a yo-yo cycle of alternating constipation and diarrhea. And the more often you use them, the more likely your colon will lose its natural responsiveness and become laxative dependent.

Taking fiber may seem like a better idea, but it is not always easy on your system. Fiber works by absorbing water and increasing bulk in the colon. That is why you should drink lots of water when taking fiber. For some people that is just not feasible. And you may find that all that fiber leaves you feeling bloated or uncomfortably full. Moreover, fiber takes time to work, a critical consideration when you are constipated, and many fiber products don’t taste good.

The secret is….water
To prevent constipation, the secret is water (moisture), to soften the stool for regular, comfortable elimination. H2Go is a regularity supplement unlike any other. It helps your body draw and hold water into the colon without the bad taste or discomfort of fiber. H2Go is an easy to take mini-tab. It contains a highly active form of magnesium, called Active Magnesia – which brings water into the colon and holds it there to make elimination easy, comfortable and regular.  Active Magnesia has up to four times the water-attracting power of other magnesium forms. There is nothing like it. It is not just an osmotic, it is a Hyperosmotic. Working almost like a giant sponge, H2Go increases the collection of water in the colon to support healthy, regular elimination.*

Unlike harsh laxatives, H2Go does not artificially stimulate or irritate your colon. It doesn’t add uncomfortable bulk like fiber. Instead it gently harnesses nature’s most effective stool softener, water, to help keep your system on a regular schedule while continually and thoroughly cleansing your colon.*

Gentle and Effective
H2Go comes from Japan where it has been a best seller in Japan for years. Tens of thousands of people have sworn by H2Go in the United States. Two small, easy-to-swallow H2Go mini-tabs each day will gently and gradually cleanse your colon, eliminate toxins and, most importantly, help keep you regular. With H2Go, you may not have to worry about constipation anymore.*


For Overnight Relief: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed.
For Daily Regularity: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed for the first three nights, then reduce intake by 1 mini-tab per night until you reach your personal comfort level (ideally 2 mini-tabs nightly).

Please note: (If you don’t get relief in the first three days of taking 6 a night, continue to take 6 a night until you get relief, up to 7 nights, then simply cut back to a maintenance level of 1-2 mini-tabs a night.)

For A Gentle Colon Cleanse: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed for 7 consecutive nights.



Discontinue use if stomach pain or diarrhea occurs.  See a physician first if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have kidney problems or before administering to children.  Store in a cool, dry place.

Active Magnesia


Only H2Go contains patented “Active Magnesia” with up to four times the surface area of ordinary magnesium. More surface area means more water directed to the colon, softening stools for easy elimination. Much higher levels of ordinary magnesium would be needed for comparable results.*

Both jars in the photo contain the same amount of magnesium by weight. The “Active Magnesia” (left) in H2Go has a larger surface area and therefore is bulkier. The larger surface area carries more water to the colon to soften stools, gently and effectively.*


In June, 2010 108 randomly selected H2Go customers were surveyed by phone.

Survey results are as follows:

1. How much does H2Go help your “regularity”? Count Percentage
Does not help 8 7%
Helps a little 24 22%
Helps a Lot 73 68%
No Answer 3 3%
2. Did you notice results from taking H2Go within the first 24 hours? Count Percentage
Yes 60 56%
No 33 30%
No Answer 15 14%
3. How would you compare H2Go to other products that you have used for the same purpose? Count Percentage
H2Go works the same as other products 13 12%
H2Go works better 67 62%
H2Go doesn’t work as well as other product 14 13%
No Answer 14 13%
4. Would you recommend H2Go to a friend? Count Percentage
Yes 90 83%
No 13 12%
No Answer 5 5%

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