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NOXYLANE4  helps support peak NK (Natural Killer) cell activity*

LaneLabs’ Best Ever Immune Protection*

Be Immune Strong with Noxylane4.  Your immune system is complex and highly developed, yet its mission is simple: to ensure your defenses are strong. Noxylane4 targets three of the most critical types of white blood cells – T, B and especially NK (natural killer) cells. NK cells are white blood cells that patrol your body everyday on a “seek and destroy” mission.  Containing Arabinoxylane, an enzyme extract from Shiitake mushrooms, this remarkable discovery has been scientifically shown to keep NK cell defenses especially ready. People with consistently robust NK cell activity levels are likely to have a stronger immune response.*

Noxylane4 helps support peak NK cell activity and T and B cell defense*

Effective even at low intake*

Noxylane4, by LaneLabs, contains two highly active ingredients: Arabinoxylane and HAI.™  Arabinoxylane is made by modifying rice bran hemicellulose with an enzyme extract from shiitake mushroom. HAI, an amino acid extract from Japanese sea algae, has been shown to enhance absorption.*

Your immune system is complex and highly developed, yet its mission is simple: to ensure your defenses are strong. The immune system is comprised of 130 different subtypes of white blood cells, each of which has a unique function. Millions of these immune soldier cells guard your body. Factors including stress, heredity, aging, certain medications, insufficient rest or a noxious environment may affect the health of your immune system. Noxylane4 has been scientifically shown to help support peak NK cell activity plus T and B cell defenses.*

The immune system:
The organs of the immune system produce highly specialized white blood cells, perhaps the most important of which are Natural Killer (NK) cells, T cells and B cells. NK cells, a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte, are considered by many scientists to be the body’s first line of defense. While many people have roughly the same number of NK cells, research suggests that the activity levels of those NK cells can vary. The more active your NK cells, the stronger your immune system. Noxylane4 targets NK cell activity as well as T and B cells for optimal immune response.*

How Does Noxylane4 work?
Noxylane4 contains two unique ingredients. The first is a highly active polysaccharide containing the hemicellulose-extract of rice bran modified by enzymes of Shiitake mushroom. This compound is called Arabinoxylane. The second ingredient is HAI, a unique amino acid complex from seaweed that appears to enhance absorption of Arabinoxylane. As shown in one study, the presence of HAI allowed Noxylane4 to benefit NK cells at a low intake.*

Living Well
We all know that a key to living long and well is a healthy immune system. To help support peak NK cell activity and healthy T and B cells, take Noxylane4 daily.*

Clinical studies
Noxylane4, was subject of two separate pilot studies conducted by Research Testing Labs in New York. Both studies measured the activity of Noxylane4 at 1.5 grams (6 250mg capsules a day) in humans. 1.5 grams a day is a much lower intake versus other immune products.*

In the first clinical trial, blood samples were evaluated for Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. A total of 43 healthy subjects were enrolled and 42 subjects completed this 30-days 3-visit study. The Clinical study suggests beneficial NK cell support in 4 weeks. Some participants saw no increase.*

In the second clinical trial, a randomized single (investigator)-blind, parallel design study compared the effects of a 1.5 gram daily dose of Arabinoxylane + HAI to a 3 gram daily dose of Arabinoxylane alone on natural killer cell activity.  A total of 30 subjects were enrolled and 30 subjects subsequently completed this 28 days, 2-visit study. There were no statistically significant differences found within or between groups for changes in natural killer cell activity or for the four secondary efficacy variables: total lymphocyte values, total lymphocyte count values, % dual CD56/CD16 values.  This clinical trial demonstrates that 3 grams of Arabinoxylane is equivalent to Arabinoxylane+HAI at half the intake.


For Daily Wellness: Take 2 Regular Strength capsules daily.
For Maximum Benefits, follow Noxylane4 Two-Step Program:

Step 1: Take 4 Regular Strength Capsules twice daily for 3 weeks.

Step 2: After 3 weeks, reduce intake to the maintenance level of 1-2 capsules daily.

Noxylane4 is available in both Regular Strength and Double Strength formulas. Regular Strength contains 250mg of arabinoxylane and Double Strength contains 500 mg of arabinoxylane. Both are potentiated with HAI (Heated Algal Ingredient), a patented amino acid complex from Japanese seaweed that appears to enhance absorption.  Because of HAI, Noxylane4 offers NK cell support at low intake.*



For NK cell stimulation*

Noxylane4 is a combination of two unique ingredients. The first is a highly active complex carbohydrate called Arabinoxylane, made by modifying rice bran hemicellulose with an enzyme extract from Shiitake mushrooms. The second ingredient in Noxylane4 is HAI™. HAI is a patented amino acid complex from Japanese seaweed that appears to enhance the absorption of Arabinoxylane, potentially making the overall NK cell benefits of that compound even more powerful.*

Clinically tested, natural and safe

Unlike other immune enhancers, Noxylane4 may be continued indefinitely, with no need to “cycle off” periodically. Noxylane4 is unmatched both for those seeking rapid immune support and, at a lower intake, for daily immune reinforcement.*


Our best immune supplement ever

LaneLabs has spent years testing ways to increase the activity of arabinoxylane through enhanced absorption. Noxylane4 is the breakthrough in immune support everyone had been looking for. No other immune product that we’ve studied (including even those from LaneLabs) could match Noxylane4 in terms of speed, potency and NK cell performance. Available in regular and Double strength formulas.*

Impressive Immune Response at Low Intake

To test the activity of Noxylane4, LaneLabs commissioned two separate pilot studies by doctors and scientists at Research Testing Labs of Great Neck, NY. Both studies measured the support of Noxylane4 at 1.5 grams (6 capsules/day) in humans. 1.5 grams a day is a much lower intake versus other immune products.

Blood was drawn from each participant at the start of each study and 4 weeks after taking Noxylane4. In the first trial an additional blood sample was taken after 1 week. Results were averaged and analyzed for statistical significance.

In the first trial blood samples were evaluated for Natural Killer (NK) cell support. The second trial measured NK cell support and other general immune system markers (Lymphocytes ¬ which include B cells and T cells ¬ and CD56/CD16 values).

Trial 1 suggested NK cell benefit in 4 weeks taking 1.5 grams of Noxylane4 per day. (Some patients saw no improvement). In Trial 2 after just 4 weeks, the Noxylane4 group demonstrated support of NK cell activity, Lymphocytes and CD56/CD16 values, similar to the group taking twice as much arabinoxylane (Noxylane4 without the HAI) alone. In other words, less Noxylane4 intake; same impressive immune benefit.*