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Impact of Sleep on Skin Health

Many people forget our skin is a sensitive organ that requires quite a bit of maintenance. Our face usually gets most of the attention based on appearances, but our entire body should get the same level of care.

Your skin can be impacted by a long list of internal and external factors, and sleep is needed to ensure your skin is as healthy as possible. For this article, we’re going to show you the impact of sleep on skin health and why it’s important.

How Sleep Can Affect Your Skin’s Health

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you’re causing more than just bags under your eyes. A lack of sleep can significantly affect your hormone levels and eating habits, including stress levels. Each of those changes in your health can have a direct bearing on the health of your skin. It’s also known that sleep deprivation can show more signs of skin aging. Some of these signs include a reduction in the elasticity of your skin, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation (1).

Most of us are familiar with heightened stress levels if we don’t get the necessary sleep. Due to a lack of sleep, our cortisol levels tend to rise, which can impose many different stressors on the body and mind. Stress can make you feel physically uncomfortable, and your skin can reflect that in quite a few ways. This stress response from a lack of sleep can cause acne, an increase in dry skin, psoriasis, and even rashes.

From the opposite angle, you may see improvements in your skin if you’re able to get enough sleep on a consistent schedule. Your best marker is to aim for at least eight hours, giving your body enough time to produce collagen vital for healthy skin. Our skin also plays an essential role in managing our immune response and our metabolism, both of which are vital in keeping us healthy and protected on a daily basis (2).

Restoring a Poor Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a sleep schedule of eight hours per night isn’t an easy task in the world we live in. Although that may be true, we can’t ignore the importance of sleep throughout our life. Your body will tell you when you need to catch up on sleep, and if you’re trying to fix your nightly schedule, it may take a bit of consistent effort.

You can make numerous minor adjustments each day to help you get back on track, which may vary from person to person. One of the best ways is to plan a sleep schedule that you can stick to and set a reminder for each night. That way, you’ll always know when it’s time to wind down and go to bed. You can also find extra time to rest on weekends if you’re able to get away from work, and this will help train your body and mind to rest as you work toward repairing your sleep schedule (3).

Sleep Deprivation Changes Our Skin Over Time

With people that consistently get enough sleep, research has shown they are much more likely to recover from stressors to the skin in a short amount of time. Studies suggest that inflammation in and on the skin takes longer to resolve for those who don’t get enough sleep. Aside from stressors and damage to the skin, it’s guaranteed that sleep deprivation will cause the skin to show signs of aging much faster, primarily due to the lack of collagen. As a solution, dietary supplements may be used to support you as you work toward a good sleep schedule. * 

If you maintain a lack of sleep over time, these effects on your skin will only worsen, and repairing the damage that has been done will become increasingly difficult to reverse. You can’t expect to live a long and healthy life without proper sleep, and your skin will display some of the first signs that show you aren’t getting enough. Skin supplements, topical creams along with creating a consistent sleep schedule can certainly go a long way in helping you overcome these issues. *


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